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Enrollment at Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned universities has declined by 20 percent since the fall of 2010.

That falling enrollment looms large as lawmakers in Harrisburg look at how much to spend on universities in next year’s state budget.

“Our education is increasingly unaffordable,” Daniel Greenstein, chancellor for the State System of Higher Education, said during a House budget hearing on Tuesday. “…This is a direct reflection of funding levels.”

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Gun rights activists across Pennsylvania are encouraging county and municipal leaders to adopt “Second Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances to prevent local governments from enforcing a broad range of gun restrictions.

But the president of a prominent gun rights group in Pennsylvania is not on board.

“I personally believe that these things are misguided,” said Kim Stolfer of Firearms Owners Against Crime, based in southwestern Pennsylvania. “And it flaunts the law.”

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For the first 15 years that Rodger Ollis worked as a police officer, he walked away from a lot of domestic abuse calls wondering if he had done enough.

PA Attorney General Targets Illegal Possession Of Kit Guns

Dec 16, 2019
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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is trying to crack down on the illegal possession of so-called ghost guns — a term used to refer to firearms made with DIY kits.

Under a legal opinion Shapiro issued Monday, 80 percent receivers — which Shapiro called the “skeleton of the gun” — will be treated as guns. 

“These are the paint-by-numbers of firearms,” Shapiro said.

Erie's Campaign For Community College Hits Another Delay

Nov 18, 2019
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Erie’s campaign to build a community college met disappointment last week,  after the state Board of Education voted against taking final action on Erie’s proposal.

By a vote of 8 to 6, board members delayed final action and instead approved a motion to hold an evidentiary meeting in Erie within the next six months.

“It’s a travesty, what just occurred,” said Kathy Dahlkemper, Erie County’s executive. “You know, this community has come together. We have proven all the points … to the levels we were supposed to reach in terms of the state law.”

Retired Military Leaders Say PA Schools Need More Money

Nov 18, 2019

A group of retired military leaders says too many young Pennsylvanians don’t meet standard eligibility requirements for serving in the armed forces, and the country’s “thriving economy” makes the recruiting challenge even more difficult.

“Gaps in workforce readiness threaten our country’s future economic success and national security,” the group, Mission: Readiness, asserts in a new report released Tuesday.

Majority Of PA Voters Support Impeachment Inquiry, Poll Shows

Oct 31, 2019
Andrew Harnik / AP

Fifty-seven percent of registered voters in Pennsylvania support an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, according to a new statewide poll from Franklin & Marshall College.