The State Of Cannabis

The United States is undergoing a major shift when it comes to cannabis: two-thirds of states have legalized either recreational or medicinal marijuana. Things are changing in Pennsylvania, too. In 2019 alone, Gov. Tom Wolf came out in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana for adult use; the state saw expansion of its medical marijuana program to include more conditions and more patients; and farmers harvested the state's first industrial hemp crop in more than half a century.

This week, we bring you a range of stories on this topic as part of our new series, The State of Cannabis. We look at why medical cannabis dispensaries are hiring pharmacists, the challenges dispensaries face in banking and why medical marijuana patients can't legally own guns. We also look ahead to what some say is the inevitable legalization of recreational weed in Pennsylvania, checking the math on potential tax revenues and considering the public health implications.

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Liz Reid / 90.5 WESA

Markita Wilburn says cannabis got her through pharmacy school.