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Songs We Love: Monsieur Periné, 'Bailar Contigo'

Colombian band Monsieur Periné continues to fascinate with new single.
Alejandra Quintero
Courtesy of the Artist
Colombian band Monsieur Periné continues to fascinate with new single.

Colombia's is at that sweet spot of a band's maturation process wherein they've solidified what they know, but are unafraid to venture towards what they don't.

Consider that the group's last album, Caja de Musica, flowed with French-inspired swing-jazz feel-goodness, leading to a breakout 2015 Latin Grammy win for best new artist.

The follow-up to that success brings them together once again with former Calle 13 member Visitante (Eduardo Cabra), the producer of Caja, as well as a host of new musical collaborators.

Monsieur Periné's new single, "Bailar Contigo" ("Dance With You"), the first off its still-untitled new album, reflects the band's improvisational restlessness in a blend of Caribbean rhythms, bossa nova guitar, sound from a ukulele-like Brazilian instrument cabaquinho and Afro-Colombian drums called tambor alegre, with synthesizers and samplers.

The poetic siren song reflects "the moment when you make a connection with someone you want to know more intimately," says lead singer Catalina Garcia, who adds that in Colombia, "dancing is a way to break the ice with someone."

"El mar de tu piel, quiero navegar"

"Perderme en las olas contigo, baliando en las olas contigo"

(The sea of your skin, I want to navigate)

(To lose myself in the waves with you, dancing in the waves with you)

The song's seductive power lies in Garcia's delightful voice — sweet as honey, with a crisp, yet waif-like, soprano airiness.

Guitarist Santiago Prieto and Garcia co-wrote the song with urban pop artist (and "Despacito" producer) Mauricio Rengifo. Garcia says the collaboration was the "perfect match" they needed; just outside of the group's comfort zone.

Monsieur Periné will tour the U.S. thus summer, including a stop at the Playboy Jazz Festival in Los Angeles.

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