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NPR Clock Changes Explained


Earlier today I posted a brief paragraph about some changes that will be happening to Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  I've gotten a few emails asking deeper questions, so I thought I'd explain the NPR changes in greater detail.

Starting Monday, November 17th NPR is making some changes to their newsmagazine clocks, in partnership with member stations across the country. This will help align programs with the way people listen to radio today, and provide stations with more flexibility to include the local content that's important to their audiences. NPR does a large amount of research to make these decisions and these programs are produced by them in Washington, D.C.

So how will you notice the changes? Starting November 17, you're likely to hear several more regular breaks for local content in Morning Edition, and a 4-minute local feature segment in each some hours of All Things Considered. This is something 90.5 WESA is really excited about - we will be able to broadcast our award-winning features to a bigger audience.

Regular Morning Edition features like StoryCorps and the sports commentaries by Frank DeFord will continue, though you may hear them in different parts of the program.

NPR is also adding five seconds to their national funding credits (The "Support for NPR is provided by..." messages you hear during NPR programs). There will continue to be eight scheduled credits per hour in both newsmagazines.

We're sharing feedback with NPR about these changes as they roll out. If you have questions or comments, please send them to Tammy Terwelp at tterwelp@wesa.fm

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