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Essential Pittsburgh: Have We Lost the Ability to Appreciate Art Museums?

In a recent opinion piece for the Tribune Review, pop culture correspondent Joe Wos questions whether we’re seeing the death of the art museumRobin Nicholson, Director of The Frick, Jo Ellen Parker, President of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, and Joe Wos talk about the future of art museums.

“You know they just had museum selfie day, you know where people came in and used art as backdrops to selfies and I think that’s the risk you run. Yes you want to embrace the technology but you don’t want to devalue the experience completely,” says Wos.

Robin rebuts by saying, “I love museum selfie day. I think that it is an amazing opportunity for an individual to engage in an individual work of art that they might never look at in the same detail again.”

Jo Ellen offers a final insight, “I don’t think technology threatens the extinction of our museums. I think it will support their evolution.”  

The Social Life

Ali Nejad, a correspondent for the Headline News channel has created a unique travel show called The Social Life. The program debuts this week. Using suggestions from his many Twitter followers, he sets out to explore a new cities. First stop - Pittsburgh. Ali highlights The Mattress Factory as his favorite spot to visit.

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

Tagalongs, Samoas, Shortbread and don’t forget the Thin Mints... of course we’re talking about Girl Scout cookies. National Girl Scout Cookie weekend kicks off Friday. Lisa Shade, public relations manager for Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania offers a preview of the event, and some of the delicious history behind the cookies. We also learn about the new Girl Scout cookies: Toffee-Tastic and Rah-Rah Raisin.

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