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Point State Park Fountain to Flow Once Again this June


The grand reopening celebration of the Point State Park fountain is set for June 7, 2013. The fountain has been off and under construction since April 2009. One of the partners in the reconstruction effort, Riverlife, said once it’s turned back on, it will still be the same fountain Pittsburghers know and love, but with some changes.

“Basically it’s been entirely restored, there’s going to be LED lighting that will be spectacular, there are accessibility issues that have been addressed, new restroom facilities, as well as a disappearing waterfall edge in the center of the granite basin,” said Spokesman Stephan Bontrager.

The reopening of the fountain marks the end of the $35 million renovation of Point State Park overseen by Riverlife, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Allegheny Conference on Community Development. The price tag for fountain reconstruction was $9.6 million, for a complex hydro-engineering project.

“That was for making sure the electrical systems and pumps were moved out of the flood zone,” said Bontrager, “as you might imagine at the confluence of three rivers, that area is prone to flooding. Improvements like that ensure that this is really a legacy project that is going to last.”

The grand reopening celebrate, “Riverlights at the Point” will take place on the first night of the Three Rivers Arts Festival. As part of the reopening announcement, a call is also being sent out to local artists, lighting designers, students, and architects to develop and implement and temporary artistic lighting concept for Point State Park to be showcased at the celebration. Entries must be submitted by February 1, 2013.