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Photo Exhibition at Pitt Adresses Ongoing Discussion: Photo Privacy

A photography exhibition opening at the University of Pittsburgh's Art Gallery in Oakland Wednesday called Capturing the Street does features images of people whether they knew they were being photographed it or not.  Photographers Garry Winogrand and Ned Bosnick have two different ways of shooting street photography.

Winogrand surprised people on public streets by taking photographs of them unexpectedly. Bosnik, on the other hand, took photos of people without them knowing from afar.
Gallery curator Isabelle Chartier said Photographers Garry Winogrand and Ned Bosnick had two different approaches to street photography.
"Winogrand works with his camera very close to him," Chartier said.  "He's out in the open, he takes pictures, people know he's taking pictures, he's out in the middle of the crowd in the streets and he just takes pictures one after another almost in an obsessive way."
Bosnik works differently, Chartier said.
"He's hidden from his subjects, so he's standing farther away, he's using a zoom, and so the people he photographs on the streets aren't aware that they're being photographed."
Chartier said visitors should ask themselves how much control they have over their own photos.
"We put our pictures everywhere," Chartier said.  "On social media, Facebook, etc.  but yet we feel like we have a certain control over that."
The exhibition will be open from 10-4 p.m. through March 22nd, but will be closed for Pitt's spring break.  54 photos will be displayed in all, 15 from Winogrand and 39 from Bosnik.