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Back in Pittsburgh, Vocal Coach Sings City's Praises

Bob Studebaker
90.5 WESA

Vocal coach Daniel Teadt discovered his love of music when he was a student at the University of Illinois.

The early days of his career required traveling to many different cities, including a stop here as an artist in residence with Pittsburgh Opera.

Teadt, who met his wife in Pittsburgh, didn’t initially stay in the city. But now they’ve returned, and he’s feeling quite comfortable in his wife's hometown.

“We now have a family here and a great network here,” he said.

Teadt said Pittsburgh is a great place to “open a small (arts-centered) business … to expand an idea without having to do it in the craziness of L.A. or New York”.

He sees the need for trained singers as expanding and feels that East Liberty is a perfect fit for him.

Teadt said his voice studio allows him to pursue that passion on his own terms. His students come from all over the region and from many different backgrounds.

He knows the East Liberty neighborhood has begun to revitalize after decades of “not being much to behold."

“There’s no neighborhood more unique or more ready to be uncovered,” Teadt said.

He described the area as  becoming a “Mecca for great restaurants, great art (and) great music, so I’m very happy to be a part of it.”