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"Paterno Faction" Frustrates Former Penn State Coach O'Brien

Penn State News

When Bill O’Brien became head coach of the scandal plagued Nittany Lions football team he knew there would be challenges.

Now, as he leaves Penn State to become head coach of the Houston Texans, those challenges have come to light.

Sports guy Bob Dvorchak says  the “Paterno faction,” that has frustrated O’Brien throughout his time coaching

“Penn State is a traumatized community. There are people who want to pick up the pieces and make sure that they learn from the scandal and get some positives out of it. There are others who just want to forget the whole thing or deny that anything happened and restore the luster of the past as if that could easily happen. But I do think that there is a faction that wants to restore Coach Paterno back on that pedestal as if he had nothing to do at all or was not caught up in the scandal in any way.”