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Is Video Replay in Major League Baseball Worth the Wait?

A challenge flag is thrown, the Major League Baseball officials talk to the coach who throws it, and one official goes to a screen and reviews the play. The official comes back and rules the runner out at first base.

That scene can and did happen at the Pirates' opening day Major League Baseball game, thanks to new rule changes that have increased the use of video replay in umpiring.

Are all of these replays really necessary or is it not worth the price of slowing down the game? Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sportswriter emeritus Bob Dvorchak has covered the Pirates for many years and shared his opinion on the hot topic.

"I know replay is here to stay because the technology was supposed to insure that they got the calls right. Well, all they've done is add an extra layer of bureaucracy and judgment. You're not going to get every call right because baseball is an imperfect game played by human beings who are imperfect."

Dvorchak even finds himself having a new mindset when watching baseball this year.

"As I watch a game, I'm trying to enjoy a baseball game, I'm thinking, 'well they're going to challenge this, now here comes that, and what's this going to be?"