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Take a Hike

Nicholas A. Tonelli

If you’ve ever been told to “take a hike,” that might not be a bad idea. This week travel contributor Elaine Labalme, who tweets about food and travel under the twitter handle New Girl in Town, suggests some great places for hiking -- some close, some farther away.

According to Labalme, the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is a good choice for hiking novices because it’s scenic and well marked. Also on her list is the 4,600-mile-long North Country Trail, which starts in North Dakota and runs through Pennsylvania on its way to New York. In Northeastern PA, there’s the Old Loggers Path, which takes hikers past the beautiful Rock Run Stream.

A bit farther away is the Long Trail in Vermont, which runs the length of the state. And the Appalachian Trail, Labalme explains, is mostly a wilderness trail, and it runs from Georgia to Maine and through the eastern part of Pennsylvania. Although temperatures are dropping, Labalme says that this time of year is not too late to enjoy a hiking trail.