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'On This Lovely Bella Notte': Social Club August 19

    “Oh this is the night, it’s a beautiful night”…to explore Pittsburgh eateries. WESA’s Josh and Sarah and Yelp Pittsburgh’s Rachel are here to break down where to take your loved one this weekend. Side note, we can’t guarantee it will be as romantic as Lady and the Tramp. That’s on you.

“You’ll find enchantment here”

Yes you will, at Little Italy Days, this weekend in Bloomfield. The festival features four days of food, crafts, games and entertainment in Liberty Avenue’s business district. Play some bocce, listen to music and do some shopping! There will be plenty of pasta there for you to get your Lady and the Tramp on with your loved one. There will also be Tom Jones…tribute…by Byron Cancelmo. Eccellente!

“Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes”...

You’ll be able to see the stars at Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse this Friday for Hop Fest + Beer De-Brew. New legislation allows limited distilleries to sell beer on site, soooo, Wigle wants to celebrate. Come grab a drink or a BEER!

Speaking of Wigle…

Someone call George Michael ASAP because WAM (yes, we know it is not the same spelling, we just really wanted to make a George Michael reference) or Whiskey of America Museum & Beverage Emporiumis coming to Pittsburgh. The goal of the museum is to celebrate the forgotten history and quirky culture of American Whiskey. As they say, “it’s like a children’s museum for grownups. With alcohol!” Want to make this a thing? Go here.

Also, does anyone else think “Careless Whisper” is the most dramatic/wonderful/best use of a saxophone song ever? Agree? Disagree? Let us know on Twitter.

Okay back to events and Lady and the Tramp references:

“Side by side with your loved one"...

Would be a really hard way to ride a bike. You can attempt it though at BikeFest, which starts this Friday at the ACE Hotel Pittsburgh. Celebrate all things cycling throughout the week, with neighborhood rides, coffee-cruises, bridge exploring and more.  

“The night will weave its magic spell"...

Similar to the kind that “weaved” the clothes you are wearing. Style Week in Pittsburgh starts at Carnegie Museum of Art this weekend. Lots of different events going on so get your best outfits ready and hit the town. Maybe don’t wear your cargo shorts to this one…

However this next one is a stretchy pants event. The Pittsburgher Burger Bash is this Saturday at South Side Works. Get all the burgers you have ever dreamed of eating your whole life* at this fun event. Try different burgers from around the 'burgh with a “Best Burger In The Burgh” competition. Who will win? Let us know on Twitter

“Oh this is the night"...

That you are going to find that PERFECT THING YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR at the PGH Vintage Mixer POP UP at East End Brewing, this Saturday.  Shop all things vintage, collectible, kitsch and more at this fun event. It’s free and family friendly!

This last event we are assuming Lady and the Tramp would probably not want to go to because….cats, cats, cats!

Meowfestis at the Carnegie Museum this Saturday. Take cat-themed tours, see cat artifacts (what?) and more. Also meet adoptable kitty friends from the Animal Rescue League. Yes. This is a real thing. We aren’t making it up.

Go out there and get your Lady and the Tramp on. Just make sure to not get pasta-sauce on your shirt. 

XOXO Social Club

*this might be a slight exaggeration