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The Truth Is Out There: Social Club August 26

    The truth is out there and WESA’s Josh and Sarah are putting on their Mulder and Scully hats to let you know all the weird things happening in Pittsburgh. They want you to join them in their investigations of the weird and paranormal. Do you choose to join them? They are without the help of Yelp Pittsburgh’sRachel this week but no fears, WESA’s Megan Harris is here to join you in tracking down the strange and odd this weekend.

Cue the X-Files theme music and let’s begin.

Your first case is the tale of the mysterious protractors that have been popping up all around the city. What are they? What do they signal? Here is a master Protractor Map with where the various “symbols” have been showing up. We here at WESA have one on our dumpster at our station. What could it mean!?!?! A warning to you should you accept this case- once you see one, you’ll see them everywhere. Everywhere. *Cue the X-Files theme music

Our next case takes us to the Center for PostNatural History Museum. The museum features organisms that have been altered by humans, such as a special Biosteel Goat, which have been genetically modified with spiders (we swear this is real, do you believe?!) The museum specimen is the only modified goat on public display in the world.  Fair warning, beware of the specimen vault while you are there. * Cue X-Files theme music

Remember, not everything is what it seems. That will be important to think of when you go to our next case, La Hutte Royal. What may appear as a dusty brick house in Troy Hill is actually something so much more… and quite unusual. The house is filled with art, collectibles and fascinating objects. There are many rules when you go to the house like “do sit on the furniture” but “don’t force doors open” (what could that means?!).  Strange lights, funky rooms and faceless portraits await you. *Cue X-Files theme music

Now, we must warn you, while some of our cases might be odd, some of our cases will scare you and shake you to the bone. Our next case might do just that. Welcome to Trundle Manor. There you will meet the eccentric Mr. Arm and Velda Von Minx. Explore their collection of jarred animals, antiques, sadistic medical devices, coffins and more. Open by appointment, if you dare. *Cue X-Files theme music

We don’t want you to be in too over your head, newbie. This is your first case after all. So maybe Bicycle Heaven is more up your alley. Collector Craig Morrow has established the largest bike museum in the country. Here you can check out his large collection of bike materials. Mirrors, lights, and neon paint is all over the store. What’s so creepy about this, you ask. Well, it is pet friendly and one time Megan went there and saw a man with two cobras. Megan couldn’t believe her eyes, two snakes at a pet store!? Did she see it or was it just in her mind?... Your task is to go there and see if you see the mysterious snake man as well. *Cue X-Files theme music

Oh, by the way, they have food there too on the weekends (God forbid we don’t mention food in Social Club).

Your next case for the odd and wild is Randlyland. If you have passed it, you know it. It’s not something you forget. Creator Randy Gilson has transformed a dilapidated building into a gigantic art house, featuring bright colors, gardens and knick-knacks. The Randyland courtyard is open in the afternoons and visitors are welcome to explore the public art displays in and around the property. Your case involves you going to Randlyland multiple times and seeing what catches your eye each time. What escaped you before? What was lurking there the whole time?... *Cue X-Files music

The Robot Hall of Fame “roboworld” is at Carnegie Science Center. Explore dozens of interactive exhibits with the different robots the center has on hand. While there has been no sign of paranormal activity there yet (just science) you never know when one of those robots will all of a sudden have something to say… *Cue X-Files theme music

Good luck newbie on cracking these files. Remember, the truth is out there. You just have to leave your couch to go find it.

XOXO Social Club