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This Is Halloween: Social Club October 28


  BOO! Halloween is finally here. WESA’s Josh and Sarah and Yelp Pittsburgh’s Rachel are here with all the spooky details for this weekend! We’ll tell you where to go to celebrate Halloween, plus read on for a creepy story about the Pittsburgh Community Broadcast Center.

Starting this weekend is the Night of the Living Dead N’at presented by Bricolage. They are updating this horror classic with a yinzer twist. Bricolage is always doing interesting and exciting theater, so if you have never seen one of their productions, this is a good one to start with.

Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival is this Friday at Rivers Casino. The theme is a Tiki Night. This festival is not for the faint of heart. Pretty much every drink under the planet is there so if you are a whiskey connoisseur, this is for you.

Call the Real Housewives because we have a “SHADE” alert! Alternative Whisky Festival is ALSO this Friday at Wigle Whiskey. Their event is free. As they phrase it, “instead of spending the $1100 table fee for the Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival, we are giving away $1100 worth of spirits for sampling.”  Of course, this is all in good fun, but hey, if it means more drinks for our Social Clubbers, we are totally down for a friendly whiskey battle.

Let’s take our Halloween celebrations into Saturday. Saturday night, head over to the Hollywood Theater in Dormont to watch Night of the Living Dead .  If you are new to Pittsburgh, you can tell by this post that this cult classic is kind of a big deal here. Don’t get too scared, though. All the blood is just chocolate syrup. Zombies eating people never looked so good!

Looking for some BLOOD…dy Marys? Nightmare on Bourbon Street- the Voodoo Masquerade, is at Sienna Mercato on Saturday night. Ghoulish cocktails will be on hand. You can also enjoy Cajun and Creole bites!

After you sat and watched a movie and had a few drinks, it's time to get down like Michael Jackson in "Thriller!" GrownAss People Party is at James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy this weekend. This is a party for “grown ass people.” DJ Selecta will be there to get you on the dance floor. Go ahead, attempt the "Thriller" dance. Be that person that actually knows more than two dance moves from the song.

Also this weekend, Hidden Harbor is hosting Bar Aquatic. Hidden Harbor is being transformed into the Belafonte, including a 6-foot suspended jaguar shark, Zissou-themed cocktails and all the Portuguese-language David Bowie covers you could want. If you have never seen The Life Aquatic, that is probably all gobbledygook to you. But hey, you still get some yummy drinks.  

On to Sunday! Eat, Drink and Be Scary is at the Mattress Factory. Sip some mimosas and enjoy Sunday Funday in the spookiest way ever. There will be lots of delicious food, including crepes! Make sure to wear your costume!

Also this Sunday is The Monster Mash Brunch at The Commoner. Celebrate Halloween with the kids (remember them? The ones that are actually supposed to be going trick or treating?) They are going to have skeleton and pumpkin shaped pancakes (how cool!), cider, cocoa and more.

Now, many of you might be thinking, ‘this sounds great. But where can I see some animals in costume?’

Well, Social Clubbers, we got you covered.

Wigle Whiskey Howl-o-Ween Paw-ty is this Sunday at 2pm. You want to see animals in costumes, this is for you. Bring your furry friends because Camp BowWow and Animal Rescue League will have treats, a photo booth and a costume contest.  There will also be tacos.

Also this weekend is the Pittsburgh Pet Expo at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This trade show features over 250 vendors! If you are a furry-friend enthusiast, this is for you. This is not to be confused with the Furry Convention…that’s in the summer.

We promised you a scary story.  Imagine this is said in the voice of the Crypt Keeper. Maybe holding a flashlight in front of his face for scary effect…

Many years ago, before the Pittsburgh Community Broadcast Center was built, there used to be something very different in its place. Legend says it was a meat processing plant. There were rumors about the ghosts of cows haunting the grounds, but WYEP and WESA built anyway. Then our sister station, WYEP, made their catchphrase “Where The Music Matters.” They later found out the meat processing plants logo was “where the meat matters.” BUM BUM BUMMM. To this day, one can still hear the sounds of the ghost cows in the PCBC hallways.* BOO!

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe!

XOXO Social Club

*You cannot hear the cows. This part of the story is not true…or is it?

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