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Drunk Driving Causes Holiday Woes

State police say that driving under the influence was a problem on the roads over the New Year's holiday.

Between December 30th and January 2nd, troopers investigated more than 500 crashes in Pennsylvania. 79 were alcohol-related.

Spokesman Sergeant Anthony Manetta says that the numbers show that drunk driving and not wearing a seat belt are still problems.

"The fact is, the things that really are injuring people on the highway can be contributed to two major factors," said Manetta. "One is that people aren't buckling up, and number two is that people are drinking and driving."

Of the 10 people killed in the crashes investigated by State Police, two were involved in alcohol-related accidents and six were not wearing seat belts.

Overall, 285 DUI arrests were made and 379 people were cited for failing to wear seat belts.

Manetta says that violations for not having children in car seats are also on the rise.

Last year the state issued 42 citations for not using child safety seats on New Year's. This year that number was up to 51.