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New License Plates Honor Airborne and Merchant Marine Veterans

U.S. Airborne Unit and Merchant Marine veterans are now able to display pride in their service on their cars.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has added two new designs to its list of military license plates.

PennDOT spokeswoman Jan McKnight said the plates are the result of bills passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature and “are there to recognize the challenges faced by these service members.”

The plates include the standard Pennsylvania blue and yellow design, but they also have their own symbols with the airborne plate incorporating jump wings and glider wings and the Merchant Marine emblem on its plate.

McKnight said those applying for the plates need to fill out an application and qualify, as a veteran, for them. Both the Airborne and Merchant Mariners’ plates cost $20.

“For those in the general public however who are interested in showing their support for the armed services, we do have an Honoring Our Veterans plate that is available,” McKnight said.

The Honoring Our Veterans plate costs $35. Of that money, $15 is placed in the Pennsylvania Veterans Trust Fund. However, revenues from military plates do not go to specific charities.