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City Closes 3 Failing Mount Washington Sidewalks

Rachel Gobep
The deteriorating sidewalks in Mt. Washington are expected to cost $1 million to repair.

 The sidewalk along Grandview Avenue on Mount Washington usually offers beautiful vistas of the city to tourists and locals, but three sections are currently closed and blocked off with caution tape. 

The sidewalks are supported by beams affixed to the hillside below, and after nearly 40 years without renovation, Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure officials say they’re failing.

The deterioration of the sidewalk between Kearsarge Street and Maple Terrace sparked an inspection of all sidewalk platforms after it completely broke apart and failed in early April, according to a release by the city of Pittsburgh. 

The sidewalks and overlooks were constructed in the 1960s, and DOMI Director Karina Ricks said the sidewalks were last reconstructed in the 1980s.

“We’re looking at going on 40 years of time since the last major of time since the last major investment  in rehabilitation and maintenance in the platforms and overlooks. Forty years is a long time,” Ricks said.

She said the circular overlooks are still open. 

“The view is still as spectacular as always, so we expect people will still go there and see our fantastic city,” Ricks said. 

She said with the Fourth of July holiday coming up, DOMI strategically made the decision to close the sidewalks to protect public safety, and the city will establish a temporary pedestrian route. 

The work is expected to cost up to $1 million and be completed by Thanksgiving.