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Lawrenceville's Ready To 'Spring It On' With Pizza And Crafts

Courtesy Photo/ Second Shift Crafters

  “Basically, it’s everything you would want to do in a park on a Saturday afternoon, all rolled into one,” said Jessica Winter-Franklin, founder of Second Shift Crafters and lead organizer of the first “Spring It On” community event.

On Saturday, Winter-Franklin will join local D.J. Michael Devine to host Spring It On from noon to 6 p.m. in Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville. The event will feature artists, craft-makers, musicians, and spoken word poets from around Lawrenceville.

“We are absolutely, 100 percent local,” Winter-Franklin said.

Part of the event is the first Steel City PizzaFest, a cooperation among eight pizza vendors who will sell their pies to the public. The participating shops are: Spak Bros, Pizza Parma, Calente, Angelo’s, Grazziano’s. Pessaro’s, Hambones and Cattivo.

There will be live music throughout the event on two stages performed by bands such as The Pressure, The Bessemers, and Devon Moses and The Saved. There will also be poetry performances by artists such as GRLHood.

Winter-Franklin said the event will be family-friendly.

“Bring the kids, bring picnic blankets, you know, bring their scooters and just get ready to spend the whole afternoon in a super, great fun time,” Winter-Franklin said.

Winter-Franklin and handmade soap crafter Carrie Robertson founded Second Shift Crafters in late 2014 to give artists and crafters who create their works as hobbies an opportunity to sell them. Winter-Franklin said there will be a variety of goods on display Saturday.

“There’s a ton of jewelry, there are paper crafts, we have ceramics, we have lamps, we have these amazing window treatments—just everything from A to Z,” Winter-Franklin said.