Jacob Paul

Newsroom Production Assistant

Hey there! I’m a senior at Carnegie Mellon University, where I study professional writing, creative writing and photography. I’m passionate about helping Pittsburghers stay connected to what’s going on around them. And I’m thrilled to be part of the team at 90.5 WESA.


Political discourse is widespread on the internet, but online debates aren’t always productive. A group of Carnegie Mellon University students are using artificial intelligence to teach high schoolers how to have productive conversations online.

Kathleen J. Davis / 90.5 WESA

University of Pittsburgh's Board of Trustees Friday voted to become a carbon neutral campus by 2037, the school's 250th anniversary. The meeting was disrupted by more than 50 students demanding the university pull fossil fuel stocks from the school's endowment fund.


NASA is working to send astronauts to Mars, and one of them might bring along a Terrible Towel.