John Sutton

Vice President Audiences and Revenue

John Sutton is a Pittsburgh native with more than 30 years of public radio experience. He is one of the industry’s leading consultants in programming, marketing, research, and fundraising. He has helped stations, networks and program producers improve their service, grow audience and increase revenue. 

In addition to WESA, WYEP, and WQED his client list includes NPR, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Marketplace, Car Talk, and more than 50 public radio stations in major, medium, and small markets.     

Sutton worked at NPR for ten years before starting his consulting business in 1997. His work there included managing NPR’s audience research department, serving as a member of NPR’s Programming Strategies board, and leading multiple initiatives to help NPR stations increase audience and revenue.

Prior to starting at NPR, Sutton worked eight years in commercial radio programming and marketing including at WDVE and KQV in Pittsburgh.  

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