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Pittsburgh Attorney Hens-Greco Announces City Council Candidacy


Attorney and civic activist Sam Hens-Greco has announced his candidacy for Pittsburgh City Council District 8. Hens-Greco is also chair of Pittsburgh’s 14th Ward Democratic Committee.

“Like many other cities, we have certain problems, financial, economic, and social problems, and I think we need leadership that is going to directly talk about and work to solve these problems,” said Hens-Greco.

He announced his candidacy on the corner of Ellsworth and Shadyside Lane, outlining the storm water overflow and flooding issues that plague that area. Hens-Greco said he has a plan to address the issue – his so-called “Rain Barrel Initiative.”

He called it a grassroots program that would be a tax credit that utilizes the City of Pittsburgh’s real estate transfer tax. The credit would help new and existing homeowners buy and install rain barrels and pay into a bigger rain barrel program.

“This is sort of a piece of a puzzle, it is not going to solve the whole problem, but I think it sends the message that we are serious about building green infrastructure,” said Hens-Greco.

In addition to working at the city level, he said he’d work with state lawmakers on getting help to further grow green developments in the city. Hens-Greco is running for the seat currently held by Bill Peduto, who is running for mayor.

Also running for the seat is Peduto's Chief of Staff Dan Gilman who announced his candidacy earlier this month.  PennFuture spokesperson Jeanne Clark is expected to throw her hat into the ring Friday.