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Zero-Tolerance Policy for County Email Misuse Proposed

The Allegheny County Controller is hoping a little preventative legislative action could stave off a scandal like the one involving lewd emails sent among members of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office and at least one State Supreme Court Justice. 

The measure being promoted by Controller Chelsa Wagner would create a zero-tolerance policy for any “misuse” of the county email system.

“When you look at the scandals that have really rocked Pennsylvania … I think there is a clear need,” Wagner said.

The proposed policy would prohibit sending any defamatory, obscene, sexually oriented, discriminatory, offensive or threatening messages. It would also not allow campaigning, gossiping or engaging in personal business for profit or commercial gains.

“When I came into office we saw many examples of misuse, and wanted to make sure that that was something that we were really establishing a clear line on what was appropriate and what was not appropriate,” said Wagner.

It also outlines disciplinary action if the policy is violated, and protects those who report email abusers.

County Council has yet to take up the measure.