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State Gives Extension To Add 'Green' Solutions To Sewer Woes

State environmental officials have granted a request to give the city of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County more time to include more "green" solutions to the region's sewer system problems.

The antiquated sewers overflow during heavy rains because storm drains are tied to sewers in a way no longer permitted under environmental laws.

The department said Monday that it will provide an 18-month extension to a March 30 deadline for a plan to fix the problem.

Mayor Bill Peduto requested the extension so the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority can include ways of soaking up rain, including rain barrels, porous pavement and "green" roofs that are covered with turf and plants.

He says such "green" solutions will diminish the need for bigger sewers and overflow tanks, and that will save ratepayers money.