Regulated Tent Cities for Homeless Pondered But Improbable in PA

Dec 2, 2014

Frank Fairweather camped for three years beneath the Interstate 83 bridge in Harrisburg with at least half a dozen others at any given time. City officials recently closed the encampment.
Credit Image courtesy of Eric Weiss

Frank Fairweather says poor health forced him to quit truck driving just shy of his 50th birthday. He kept a roof over his head for a while but then one roommate was jailed for a parole violation, and the other skipped town.

Before he could find replacements, Fairweather fell behind on rent. He ended up joining several others camping under an interstate bridge near downtown Harrisburg.

Fairweather didn’t leave for three years, staying through winters and Tropical Storm Lee, until one night earlier this fall.

“The police showed up on Friday morning at 2 a.m.,” he said. “And I hear this officer’s voice, ‘Everybody out of their tents.’”

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