Sequestration Cuts to Reduce Unemployment Benefits for Thousands in PA

Mar 28, 2013

Federal sequestration cuts will reduce the unemployment compensation checks of thousands of Pennsylvanians starting in April.

The roughly 10 percent dip amounts to between $7 and $61, depending on the size of each benefit check.

Sara Goulet, with the state Department of Labor and Industry, says people who have been on unemployment for more than 26 weeks will have to absorb a reduction.

"The number of claimants affected is right around 99,000, just a little over 99,000 people, active claimants," she said. "And it will begin the week ending – the week begins April 6, so it’s the end of that week that people will be affected."

Those who are still receiving unemployment compensation checks from the state won’t see a change until their benefits start coming from the federal government after 26 weeks.

Goulet says the state is notifying affected recipients.

The average weekly unemployment compensation benefit claim in Pennsylvania is about $350.