Soon You’ll Be Able To Drive In A Straight Line Again, Street Repaving Starts Monday

Apr 13, 2018

On Monday, crews will begin patching and resurfacing 37 miles of streets, spread across the city’s nine council districts. Through coordination with various utilities, a total of 55 miles of roadway will once again be made traversable.

The announcement comes not a moment too soon. 

To the uninitiated observer, it may look as though motorists and cyclists throughout the region are training for some sort of slalom event: weaving between divots beaten into the streets by snow, ice, salt and the churn of thousand-pound vehicles.

Some cars slow down, navigating the pocked and pitted roadway with care (which can be good news for cyclists and pedestrians) while others adopt a devil-may-care attitude. Want to see other road users wince? Watch as a car speeds through swiss-cheese pavement, bottoming out in a hole large enough to be designated a new city swimming pool.

It's been a rougher than usual pothole season, but we've got six glorious months to banish the memory. 

To see which streets you'll be able to soon drive without fear of popping a tire, check out the full list of repaving projects here

The City of Pittsburgh allocated nearly $17 million to paving this year, and in February, the mayor’s office introduced legislation to add $800,000 more.

It's also been a record year for landslides in Pittsburgh. Earlier this week, Mayor Bill Peduto said the city is five times over budget for landslide remediation -- and it's only April.