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"ED Bill" Sponsor Hopes To Put Ultrasound Bill In Perspective

A state lawmaker who takes issue with a proposal requiring ultrasounds for women seeking abortions plans to introduce a health care bill he calls "similarly ridiculous."

The proposal by Senator Larry Farnese would require men seeking erectile dysfunction medication —like Viagra— to undergo a cardiac stress test and a prostate exam.

"My legislation clearly underscores that this is the wrong type of thing to be doing. We should stop invading people's privacy rights," said Farnese. "We should stop getting our noses in this kind of thing, and the Republicans should get out of a woman's right to health care access."

The Philadelphia Democrat says his measure is meant to call attention to the "Women's Right to Know Act," which would require women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound.

Farnese says that bill is a veiled attempt by Republican lawmakers to chip away at access to abortion.

"It's not about a woman's right to know. It's not about an ultrasound," said Farnese. "It's about trying to curtail women's right to health care access."

Farnese's plan would require men seeking ED medication to watch a video about possible side effects.

The bill also makes the man's partner sign an affidavit saying the patient suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Earlier this month, House Republicans tabled the ultrasound bill Farnese opposes.