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Health Fair Aims to Empower Patients to Take an Active Role in Medical Care

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Using a sport analogy, the Consumer Health Coalition is urging people to build a championship healthcare team, with themselves being the most valuable player. A workshop in the Hill District will teach patients how to take a more active role in their own medical care.

“It basically walks a person through steps and pointers from how to find a doctor, talking to office staff, communication with your doctor, making sure your care is coordinated between everyone that is on your healthcare team,” said Sally Jo Snyder, director of consumer affairs for the Coalition.

Those things may seem like common skills to some people, but many are intimidated by the medical profession, which can cause them to not seek care, or to stay quiet when getting care between multiple providers. The goal of workshops like this one is to empower people to take charge in the doctor’s office.

“I think the more that people are engaged in their medical treatment, the more successful it is,” said Snyder, “we’ve had results of folks who’ve gone through the training who feel very empowered and proactive. There’s something about being a player instead of feeling that you’re played upon.”

The workshop will feature a free resource book, “How to Be a Proactive Patient,” education on what to ask your doctor, how to make sure care is coordinated between all of your doctors, how to communicate with your doctor, and general pointers on how to be prepared and proactive in your own health care.

The workshop is Tuesday October 16 at the Hill House from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM.