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Open Source Design Offers Greater Control Over Personal Gadgets

As the devices we use on a regular basis become more advanced and intuitive to use, they’ve also become easier to personalize. As a result, consumers wield more power over their own technology.

Matthew Casebeer Computer Scientist for MAYA Design, a consulting group that’s focused on simplifying devices and data. He finds that open source  design benefits all who share information through their devices, not just computer scientists that work on fixing problems for large groups of users.

He's interested in creating user-friendly authoring tools that allow consumers to write their own code.

“It really gives power to what I call the 1% --people who are educated on open source. At MAYA we’re trying to change that. Instead of being for the 1%, making it for the 99%," he explains "Get everyone else to the party. Let everyone else control their devices as they see fit.”

New versions of authoring software continue to enter the market and designers hope the accessibility of the tools will spur a new wave of personalized coding and devices.