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Occupy Pittsburgh Members Not Saying Whether or Not They’ll Leave

With just a couple of days left before they are ordered to leave the BNY Mellon Green downtown, members of Occupy Pittsburgh are keeping mum on whether or not they'll comply. Allegheny County Judge Christine Ward gave occupiers three days to move, once BNY Mellon filed a $10,000 bond with the court, which they did on Friday.

Occupier Quinn Elliot has been there since day one, October 15. She said the space and the movement has meant a lot to her and others, but doesn't define the movement.

"No physical space can define this movement," she said. "We've been generating energy, learning a lot of lessons, and making a lot of connections, so we will take those with us wherever we go and we will always be occupying anywhere in any way we can."

Elliot said she's weighing her options in regards to leaving or staying, and other members wouldn't say whether or not they plan to go, only telling reporters to "wait and see." There were repeated questions of whether the judge's order to leave means that Occupy Pittsburgh has failed.

"If it's a failure, it's a failure of the system, not of us," said Elliot.

Occupiers said that whatever happens come Sunday, the movement is far from over, with upcoming events planned to highlight the plight of the 99%.

"Occupy Pittsburgh will be strong as long as we stand together for our rights and for economic and social justice. Wherever we are, we are the 99%," said Occupy member Jeff Cech.

As for BNY Mellon, they want the movement to leave the green so they can close it and make needed repairs. The once grassy area is now mostly mud. BNY Spokesman Ron Gruendl said BNY is pleased with the judge's decision to evict Occupy Pittsburgh.

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