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AAA Tries to Spark Interest in Electric Cars

When choosing a way to get around for the next few years, eight out of 10 adults would rather drive out of the dealership with a gas vehicle than an electric one.

According to a survey by AAA, 30 percent of adults said they would not buy an electric car because of limits with mileage. Twenty-six percent said it was because of cost.

Spokeswoman Bevi Powell said AAA thinks the real reason people are not buying electric vehicles is because of a lack of information. So AAA has added content to their website to help educate people about the benefits and responsibilities that come with driving an electric car.

“We want to make them aware of what’s available to them as far as charging stations and any questions they have," Powell said. "It’s important that they have good and sound resources to answer those questions."

The new content is meant to help users understand the distinct differences between owning an electric vehicle compared to a gas vehicle.

The revised website shows the price difference between charging an electric car and filling up a gas tank and how the electric car is better for the environment.

But Powell said AAA is not promoting electric vehicles over gas-run vehicles.

“We’re endorsing it as an alternative because a lot of people have different preferences, and this is just another option that is out there,” Powell said.

The website provides a map to find all the charging stations in the region.

There are now 109 charging stations in Pennsylvania, and the Turnpike Commission announced in April that it plans to open stations in the Oakmont plaza in Allegheny County, the New Stanton plaza in Westmoreland County, the Bowmansville plaza in Lancaster County and the King of Prussia plaza in Montgomery County this summer.

Powell said she thinks more people will buy electric cars in the future, and the website will help them make educated choices.

“At an age where we’re paying three dollars and 55 cents a gallon, a lot of people are finding that very costly and looking at ways that they can save and still be able to drive to their destinations,” Powell said.