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WESA COVID-19 Dashboard

By Patrick Doyle, 90.5 WESA

Allegheny County COVID Snapshot
The first three charts show average daily case counts, hospitalizations and average death rates for Allegheny County. Because case data has become less reliable due to asymptomatic cases, the increase of at-home rapid tests, and varying availabilities of PCR tests, experts are now pointing to hospitalizations (and deaths) as better metrics to assess the current state of the pandemic.

Allegheny County vaccinations and boosters

The following chart shows partial and full COVID-19 vaccination data, as well as booster shots.

Vaccination rates vs. deaths

The following chart shows the correlation between current full vaccination rates and deaths that have occurred in Pennsylvania counties since June 15, 2021. That's when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention named delta a "variant of concern." Vaccines have been widely available during this time period, and because vaccines provide strong protection against severe illness, many of these deaths may have been preventable. Counties with lower vaccination rates tend to have a higher number of deaths, per capita.

The circles are sized based upon population; southwestern Pennsylvania counties are in orange.

Note: Special thanks to Rohit Acharya of Common Good Labs for his data/coding help.