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It's NPR Coffee Week, Pittsburgh! Share your best mug shots

Wikimedia Commons
All this week, NPR's Morning Edition will be telling the stories behind your morning cup of coffee. If you're anything like us, you take pride in your coffee cup. Show your mugs via Twitter and/or Instagram with #PghCoffee.

If Pittsburgh stopped serving coffee tomorrow, bean aficionados in Brooklyn or Seattle might not gnash their teeth or tear their hair at the loss, but the loyal patrons of this city’s coffeehouses would mount a full-on revolt.

The International Coffee Organization estimates that 1.6 billion cups of coffee are drunk each day around the world.

For the Pittsburgh-based coffee fan there any number of places within the city limits to procure an eye-opening, hand-warming, life-giving cup of coffee. Among the big names, a Google Maps search reveals four Dunkin Donuts, 21 Starbucks, 13 Get Go gas stations, and 12 McDonalds.

But to get to the heart of Pittsburgh coffee, we dropped into some of its indigenous houses, a group that numbers into the dozens, (if you count each of the 29 Crazy Mocha locations separately).