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Police To Waive Citations, Ask For Donations

JD Hancock
The St. Marys City Police Department is asking residents who would have been issued traffic violations to instead donate toys to the department for children in need.

Pennsylvania police department is waiving traffic violations in the hope that people will donate toys instead.

WJAC-TV reports the St. Marys City Police Department started their Cops for Kids program Monday. Rather than handing out a ticket for a minor traffic violation, officers will hand out a flyer asking citizens to drop off an unwrapped toy at the police department.

Officer Derrick Welsh says the program not only helps motorists out, but it also gives back to the community. The toys will be donated to Project Gifts for Elk County, an organization that helps children in need.

Residents without traffic violations are still welcome to donate gifts to the department.

(Photo credit: JD Hancock/flickr)