General Assistance

Courtesy of the Light of Life Rescue Mission

On today’s program: New leadership at Light of Life Rescue Mission wants to increase outreach efforts; why the Three Rivers Regatta was canceled; barring court intervention, Pennsylvania's general cash assistance program ends tonight; and a look back at small victories for Pittsburgh women and minorities 50 years ago.

Kimberly Paynter / AP

Two advocacy groups are suing Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services over the repeal of a small cash assistance program for poor people who don’t qualify for other aid.

Gov. Tom Wolf / Flickr

A small cash assistance program for certain poor Pennsylvanians is slated to end at the start of August, after the GOP-controlled legislature voted to repeal it.

Now, some Democratic members are drafting legislation to bring it back. 

Ed Mahon / PA Post

The state Senate has voted to repeal a small cash assistance program for the poor—but before it happened, the session devolved into a loud, chaotic argument that leaders say derailed negotiations, and which many members called the worst in their memory.

Matt Rourke / AP

 For weeks, staffers for Democratic Governor Tom Wolf and the Republicans who control the state House and Senate have been trying to hammer out an agreement on a GOP priority: gutting a program that gives relatively small amounts of cash to poor people who don't qualify for other assistance. 

Matt Rourke / AP

Republicans took a first step Monday toward one of their top goals for this legislative session: repealing Pennsylvania’s general assistance program, which gives small sums of cash to poor people.