Pennsylvania Republican Party

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On today's program: State Republicans strategize to hold on to Pennsylvania in the general election; StoryCorps’ One Small Step project aims to bring people with differing views together; and a One Small Step conversation between two Pittsburghers. 

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The new chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party is kicking off his tenure with at least one major change.

He’s adding a new position: compliance officer.

A spokesman for newly elected Lawrence Tabas said the compliance officer will be tasked with enforcing the party’s legal and ethical rules.

They’ve tapped Lycoming County attorney Denise Dieter for the job. Among other things, she’s served as the county GOP’s solicitor for a decade.

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In the days ahead of the state GOP leadership election, the party was braced for an ugly battle.

President Donald Trump had thrown his weight behind an establishment candidate, while the party’s more conservative wing was backing another.

But they managed to end on a convivial note by essentially splitting duties.

The need to have an election in the first place was unexpected.

Pennsylvania GOP Rejects Trump Campaign's Candidate For Chair

Jul 12, 2019
Keith Srakocic / AP

Pennsylvania's Republican Party is rejecting the candidate for chair who had backing from the Trump campaign and its closest advisers in the presidential battleground state, and is opting for a rival.

Keith Srakocic / AP

Pennsylvania Republicans are poised to select a new leader in Hershey this Saturday, and early indications are that the fight to replace Val DiGiorgio could be bruising.

Courtesy of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania

After the 2018 midterm election, the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation made a big shift from 13 Republicans and five Democrats to an even split of 9-9, but Pennsylvania Republican Party chair Val DiGiorgio says he’s not worried about the 2020 presidential race.

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Local Democrats have been recently running for office even in conservative Pittsburgh suburbs where the party's committee seats have been vacant for decades.