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WorKing Well with Others: Office Etiquette from Sasha King

There’s a lot to navigate at work. Sometimes one of the biggest challenges is how to get along with co-workers.

Whether it’s the person who talks too loud or dresses inappropriately, independent career consultant Sasha King takes on the role of Emily Post and offers a few tips on office etiquette.

Email Etiquette

  • Don't double check, if you leave a voicemail on someone's machine do not send them another email to make sure they got your voicemail.
  • If you have an email auto-response that you're gone and out of reach, don't start responding to emails because it hurts your credibility.
  • Do not send out an angry email because you are upset with someone's behavior.
  • Likewise, when you receive an email that angers you, do not respond because your email will be there for life. King recommends taking a deep breath before hitting the send button.

Social Media

  • Sasha King's number 1 rule with social media is "don't use it on the company machine unless you have permission"
  • Have different profiles for professional purposes and personal purposes

But even with those personal accounts:

  • Do not criticize your employer, your fellow employees, or anything about your business online
  • Do not make certain comments that deal with drug use, anti-social behavior, criminal behavior, racist comments or homophobic comments

Cross Cultural Communications

  • Research the culture as soon as possible
  • Consider the differing gender roles in other cultures
  • Consider dining rules and realize that alcohol is prohibited in certain cultures
  • Consider proper ways to give a gift

Proper Attire

  • Do not wear open-toed shoes to work
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed
  • Females please say no to the low tops

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