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Pittsburgh's Globally Engaged Groups Join Forces Through the Global Switchboard

Marcus Charleston
90.5 WESA

Social media and the internet have connected the world in ways once thought impossible. However, computer connections cannot take the place of human contact.

There are a number of organizations in the city with the shared goal of engaging others across the globe.

Nathan Darity and Brandon Blache-Cohen, Executive Director of Amizade Global Service Learning, are two of the members that connected these organizations together through the global switchboard.

“The global switchboard, it’s a coworking space for global engaged organizations, individuals, in the city of Pittsburgh, who are coming together to work under one roof. But to ideally sort of also ignite a collaborative process in which we not only do the work that we already do, and do it better but also work together to do new things,” Darity said.

The global switchboard opens in its beta phase May 1 and will open officially in November 2014.

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