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Chutz-Pow, Superhero Holocaust Survivors

Daisy Ruth

The Toonseum and the Holocaust Center of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh have produced a comic book titled "Chutz-Pow! Superheroes of the Holocaust" to honor the bravery of five Pittsburghers during a tragic period of the 20th Century.

Author Wayne Wise and artist Marcel Walker say what makes their comic book so interesting is the fact that the heroes they depict are not the kind that wear capes.

“The stories themselves are just straight up. They are the histories of these people. There’s no capes, no one can fly. There are no super powers. Their superpower is their heart, their courage, the things all of us possess. That’s part of the message we’re trying to get across is everybody has these super powers, these things that allowed these people to survive horrible circumstances and do so with an enormous grace and dignity.”

To learn more about “Chutz-Pow! Superheroes of the Holocaust,” visit their website.

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