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How Do Musicians Survive in 2014?

When Justin Currie was the lead singer for the band Del Amitri, he scored a top ten single in the U.S. and was heard regularly on top 40 radio.

But earlier this month he had sold only nine tickets to his upcoming solo show at the Club Cafe.

That's when he posted a desperate message on Facebook saying that he was going ahead with the show and that the people of Western Pennsylvania ought to show up. He joins us along with WYEP Program Director Mike Sauter to discuss the business model for the modern musician.

Currie and Sauter stress that while it’s easier than ever for musicians to make and distribute their music, making a profit may be tougher than ever. Sauter explains that in the age of music streaming, there’s less money going to musical artists than in the previous business model of selling records and CDs. Currie points out that the digital and streaming model doesn’t just hurt artists but consumers and record stores, as well.

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