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Pittsburgh’s Resilience Recognized

Shane Henderson

Pittsburgh, Chicago, Dallas and Boston are a few of the 35 cities selected to be part of the Rockefeller Award’s resilient cities challenge.

Business contributor Rebecca Harris joins us this week to tell us about this honor and what it means for the Steel City.

According to Harris, the Rockefeller Foundation’s designation of “resilience” refers to a city’s ability to adapt and grow in the face of serious challenges.

She says that the Foundation has committed $100 million to its current resilient cities project, whose goals include finding solutions for infrastructure problems, food shortages, water management, disaster preparation, economic problems, job creation, and so on.

Harris says she is especially drawn to the Foundation’s goal to place more women in city management and emergency planning. Being named among these cities, Harris argues, “is something to be so proud of.”

Take a look at this video in which Pittsburgh city officials discuss the award:

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