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Essential Pittsburgh: Paintings of 90 Neighborhoods Capture Moments in Time

Rebecca Devereaux
90.5 WESA
Local painter Ron Donoughe's current exhibition 90 Neighborhoods will be shown at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts until Aug. 9.

Ron Donoughe has been painting Pittsburgh for 30 years. It was in the last year, however, that he completed 90 separate paintings, each depicting a unique snapshot of each of Pittsburgh's neighborhoods. All 90 paintings are on display together at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, where we met with Mr. Donoughe to learn his reasons for undergoing the project, and what he discovered along the way. (starts at 11:11) 

Donoughe explains his motivation towards the scenes he chose within each Pittsburgh neighborhood: 

“In a lot of cases it was a lighting situation, other times it was where I could find a parking spot. … It was getting out in an area and just walking the neighborhood and finding what really spoke to me.” –Ron Donoughe

Also, Governor Wolf has pulled his nomination for Acting State Police Commissioner Marcus Brown in order to allow more time for consideration. The Frick draws parallels between the industrialization of Wales and Pittsburgh, and Rebecca Harris continues her look at Crawford-Roberts.  

Wolf Withdraws Marcus Brown Nomination (starts at 0:00) 

State Senate Republicans have voted down the governor's pick to head the Pennsylvania State Police, despite a last-minute move to pull the man's name from consideration. Acting Commissioner Marcus Brown failed to receive enough votes in the GOP-controlled chamber just hours after Governor Tom Wolf withdrew the nomination to allow more time for consideration. 90.5 WESA's Capitol Correspondent Mary Wilson joins us to explain the situation.

The Frick Presents: Rolling Hills, Satanic Mills (starts at 28:19)

A new exhibit at The Frick explores man's relationship to nature, as well as scenic Wales' similarities to Pittsburgh. Both areas underwent intense industrialization that has been cataloged through visual art across a vast time period. Sarah Hall, Director of Curatorial Affairs at The Frick, walks us through the stunning comparison. 

Crawford-Roberts (starts at 42:44) 

Cities are made up of a collection of neighborhoods with unique features and characteristics. On the first Tuesday of the month, business contributor Rebecca Harris will focus on one of the city’s neighborhoods. Today's focus is on Crawford-Roberts.

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