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90.5 WESA's New Mid-Day Show 'The Confluence' Debuted Friday

Megan Harris
90.5 WESA

90.5 WESA’s weekly news program The Confluence – where the news comes together – debuts Friday.

Each week reporters, editors and bloggers join veteran journalist and host Kevin Gavin to go behind the headlines taking an in-depth look at the stories important to the Pittsburgh region. 


Campaign 2016

We’re experiencing a presidential campaign unlike any other and Pennsylvania could play a key role in the election of our next president. 90.5 WESA’s government and politics reporter MarkNootbaar and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Chris Potter discuss how western PA is viewing the presidential and senate elections.


Police Chief McLay

Police Chief Cameron McLay will soon be marking his second year in office. His position as the city’s top cop hasn’t been without scrutiny by the public and members of the police union. Why is McLay being so closely watched? We’ll pose that question to 90.5 WESA reporter VirginiaAlvino and Homewood Nation publisher ElwinGreen.


Changes for the Pittsburgh Public Schools

A new school year is bringing changes for the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Among them are a new superintendent, a new transgender bathroom policy and the merging ofWilkinsburgand Westinghouse high school students. 90.5 WESA reporter Sarah Schneider and Post-Gazette reporter MaryNiederberger.


Remembering Mayor O’Connor

Thursday marked the 10thanniversary of the passing of former Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O’Connor. Kevin Gavin reflects on the impact the mayor’s enduring political legacy has on the region. 

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