An Update on Governor Corbett's Health Care Plan

Dec 11, 2013

Credit Talk Radio News Service

The Corbett Administration is making details of its alternative proposal to the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion available to the public.

The Governor recently held a presser on his health care plan days after releasing it online. The plan, which would allow hundreds of thousands of people to enroll in private health insurance plans subsidized with federal funds, is one step closer to receiving federal review.

90.5 WESA's Capitol Bureau Chief Mary Wilson reports on the plan from Harrisburg and says the proposal is similar to those of other states, but includes a few elements unique to the Commonwealth’s needs.

She says, based on  the description from Corbett's administrators, they're asking for "exceptions from the federal government of how to implement the Medicaid program and how to expand health care coverage to the working poor. But we can’t do that in Pennsylvania without reforms to the existing Medicaid program. It is something that is contested by Democrats and other advocates for poor, health care analysts, but it’s important to keep in mind that Governor Corbett’s doing something that we see a lot of other Republican governors doing.”