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Green Stormwater Solutions from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh

DC Water


Washington DC and Pittsburgh have a common trait of being build right by the water, with low lying areas and old infrastructure. When it became necessary for DC to improve its water and sewage systems -like Pittsburgh - the nation’s capital opted for a focus on traditional "gray" options. Tunnels and pipes were the main solution for Washington's sewage and storm water problems.

But George Hawkins, General Manager of DC Water has worked to convince the district and the EPA to embrace green infrastructure ideas. By reopening the EPA consent decree, DC is on track to becoming a model of sustainable infrastructure. One of Pittsburgh’s biggest ongoing problems is how to deal with the complexities of storm water systems that run across municipalities and between public and private sewer lines. This week, George Hawkins brings his green infrastructure experience to the Steel City for the Clean Rivers Campaign speaker series Beyond Tunnel Vision.

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