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Public Opinion on Energy Issues

Canada is now the number one supplier of energy to the United States. Canadian researcher Nik Nanos, chairman of Nanos Research Group, says while we've relied on oil from the Middle East in the past, with shale gas and new discoveries of oil in North America, there's a new narrative for energy policy and Western PA is a big part of the picture.

A recent poll from Nanos revealed 3 out of 4 Americans feel there should be a continental energy strategy.

Pittsburgh, he says is part of an energy triangle that includes Houston and Calvary, Canada. As part of the triangle Pittsburgh and the rest of the U.S. must have a good relationship their neighbors to the north, and rethink energy in more broad terms than electric bills and gas prices.

But Nanos digs further into the polls explaining that 63% of Americans said energy security, making sure that America is not reliant on oil from outside America, was more important than greenhouse gas.

"People are practical, they are consumers, they think about 'what does this mean to me?'"

So how do we balance economic strategy with responsible environmental standards to make North America a model on the world energy stage?


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