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The Business of Ice Cream with Rebecca Harris


In the world of “frozen dessert products,” ice cream is still king, reports business contributor Rebecca Harris. Though recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of numerous frozen treat fads, the U.S. still consumed more ice cream than anything else by a long shot. In 2012, 899 million gallons of the frozen treat were doled out in cones, cups, pints, and tubs, compared to 467 million gallons of low fat ice cream and only 74 million gallons of frozen yogurt.

If those numbers aren’t eye popping, think of it this way: the US market for ice cream has been more than $10 billion. And according to Harris, “It’s all about the tub. Well over half the US $12 billion in annual sales is served in pints or half gallons.”

So who are the biggest consumers of ice cream? Apparently, the little guys. Children ages 6-12 are the largest consumers of ice cream, followed by the elderly. Perhaps it’s an attempt to find their inner child. As for the cool trend taking over this town? "It's Froyo," Harris says.

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