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Time is on John Hanger's Side

Hanger for governor website

John Hanger, former head of the PA Department of Environmental Protection,  announced his candidacy for Governor shortly after the 2012 Presidential election.  

Hanger says he made his announcement early because he believes an Incumbent is unofficially running for re-election as soon as they take office.

One of Hanger’s biggest issues with the Corbett Administration is  education funding. He says the top two areas of concern for the budget should be education and public safety.

"Pennsylvania schools have never been worse off than they are today,” says Hanger.

He also believes that healthcare reform will continue to evolve into a more efficient system and says he would like to drop the administrative cost by 20 to 25 percent.

Hanger believes in protecting the second amendment by opposing a gun ban, but wants to add a consideration for mental health during background checks.

Finally, Hanger believes that gay marriage should be legalized.  However, he says he will respect religious institutions and not force them to marry same-sex couples.

More information about John Hanger and his views can be found on his website

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