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Autumn Coastal Destinations with the New Girl

Nathan Adams

Coastal Destinations make for the best fall travel, according to travel contributor Elaine Labalme.

With better prices on off-season and cozy spots for cuddling, Labalme outlines her top five waterfront excursions. 

1. White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine- At this 5 star restaurant, dine in a gorgeous white barn situated on perfect autumn property. 

2. Island of Nantucket in Cape Cod – Despite what you may think, the weather at Cape Cod in the fall is not chilly, but rather perfect for beach hopping.

3. Outer Banks – In the fall you can get to all 12 lighthouses and snack on seafood, along with traditional southern cuisine. 

4. Manka’s Inverness Lodge, one hour north of San Francisco – Stay in rooms with “rustic elegance,” and indulge in their local and hearty food!

5. Tu-Tu-Tun Lodge- Great place to go river rafting and see the beautiful beaches.

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