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What Does It Take To Be A Canadian Mountie?

Marcus Charleston

What would a visit from a Canadian delegation be without the presence of one of the country's most recognizable symbols - a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman?

We spoke with Constable Eric Hymander, a former banker, about what it takes to become a Mountie.  

Every year there are anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 applicants that want to join the RCMP and only the top 1 percent of applicants are accepted.

Hymander said it takes about a year to review applicants’ abilities, and once accepted they spend six months undergoing vigorous training in Saskatchewan.

“It was probably the most significant personal challenge of my entire life. I was the second oldest in my troop, a troop of 32 people originally, only 25 were successful. It’s physically, mentally, emotionally demanding. But the purpose of that is obviously to ensure that they are getting the best possible candidate in the end, properly trained and ready to serve as a Mountie,” Hymander said.

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